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Winter Motorcycle Storage Tips

Posted on: December 11, 2015 by Aegis General

As riding a motorcycle isn’t ideal in the heavy winter snow, it may be time to store the bike until the warmer weather returns. However, this process requires more attention than simply placing it into a storage unit. In order to protect the bike during winter, there are a few recommendations to ensure it is in top shape for the spring. Further, inquire about a Motorcycle Insurance Program to provide peace of mind on the road.

Surface Prep- Clean off any dirt and bugs prior to storage as this can cause the paint to chip. Washing and completely drying is critical. Bike Bandit recommends using an electric leaf blower, if you have one, as it is a great way to get all the nooks and crannies really dry.

Fuel Up- Top off the tank and add the appropriate amount of fuel stabilizer to prevent the gas from causing issues in your carburetor over time. Don’t forget to turn on the engine and let it run for a while to allow the fuel to cycle through the tank.

Top Off Fluids- All of the fluids in the motorcycle, such as the coolant and brake fluid, should be topped off. Another option is completely draining all of the fluids and refilling them prior to starting up the motorcycle again when the weather warms up. By doing so, this prevents the existing fluids from becoming filthy and corroding internal parts.

Flush Old Oil- Unused engines cause oil to transform from clean to mucky, which can damage the engine if left untreated. Therefore, it is important to flush the old oil prior to putting the motorcycle in storage.

Mind the Tires- Leaving motorcycles in one spot for months at a time can cause the tires to flatten. If possible, store the bike above ground with a lift. Or, fill the tires to the maximum recommended pressure and rotate the tires once a week.

Storage- Sunlight can have damaging effects on paint and leather over time, so place the motorcycle in a cool, dark space. Another pro tip: plug the exhaust and openings with a muffler plug, plastic bags, or whatever you have available. This will deter any critters from seeking shelter and warmth within the bike’s pipes all winter. However, don’t forget to remove them before firing up the bike again.

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