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Aegis General Insurance Agency is a Program Administrator, providing a broad range of residential property, surety, and accident and health insurance products. We invite you to take a quick look at our suite of insurance products:

Manufactured Homes: Whether your manufactured home is your primary residence, a vacation property, or one you rent out, we have an insurance policy that can protect you. Our Manufactured Homes coverage can be written for mobile, manufactured, or modular homes, including those in a mobile home park or on a private lot. We will cover your house and its contents as well as sheds, garages and other exterior structures against fire, wind, theft and other perils. We also provide liability insurance, and help pay your legal defense bills if you are accused of being at fault for an outside party’s injuries or damage to their property.
Vacant Structures: You may have a vacant or unoccupied home for one of a number reasons. Your property is on the market or is in between tenants. Or perhaps you have moved out while your house is expanded or refurbished. We have a policy that will cover your vacant home in the event of a fire, explosion, wind, hail, vandalism, and other perils. We offer liability coverage in the event an accident occurs on the vacant property.
Rental Properties: As specialists in under-served property insurance, we cover a variety of Rental Properties; including lower-valued homes, well-maintained homes, and homes in rural, suburban, or urban markets. Available coverages include fire, lightning, windstorm/hail, explosion, smoke and vandalism or malicious mischief among others. We also offer the ability to package premises liability protection onto your policy.
Affordable Homeowners: Our homeowners insurance provides property and liability protection for your primary or secondary residence. We offer multiple discounts, coverage options and integrated tools to help ensure you get just the right coverage for your home.
Seasonal Homes: Offering stand-alone coverage on seasonal and secondary homes. Whether you plan to occupy the home on summer weekends or you’re heading south for the winter, Aegis has you covered. With multiple coverage options available, Aegis can provide a solution to insure your manufactured or site-built home.
California Products: Our comprehensive home insurance provides property and liability protection for your primary residence. With multiple discounts, coverage options and integrated tools to help ensure you get just the right coverage for your home, our homeowners’ line of products includes specialized policies for single family homes, condominiums or your belongings if you live in a rented apartment.
Blanket Accident:If you are looking to provide sports team participants with additional accident and liability insurance to protect your organization and your members, we have a policy that is right for you. Our policy covers injuries to insured coaches, managers, mascots, cheerleaders, scorekeepers and players while they are participating in a regularly scheduled game or regularly scheduled practice or traveling directly to or from such a game with other members of the team as a group. We will also cover certain special events.
Supplemental GAP Group Medical: We offer Supplemental GAP Group Medical coverage, which is an employer-sponsored group supplemental insurance plan designed to help employers and employees reduce the cost of group medical coverage. By adding a GAP Plan onto certain major medical plans, you can reduce the out of pocket expense of your employees, which will help you to hire and retain top talent and to contain spiraling healthcare insurance costs.
Municipality Insurance: Through Allied Public Risk, an Aegis General Insurance Agency division, we offer the public sector guaranteed-cost (deductible), SIR, and pool insurance products for governmental organizations. Underwritten by Allied World Assurance, a global provider of innovative property, casualty and specialty insurance and reinsurance solutions, we deliver an innovative, responsive and tailored protection to governmental organizations while offering competitive pricing, broad coverage, underwriting expertise and risk management resources. We also partner with Network Adjusters, a 20-year veteran in handing public risk claims, to administer claims and deliver prompt, responsive services and effective resolution. We can insure the following in the public sector: pools, cities, towns, villages, boroughs, counties, and special districts. K-2 Public Schools are eligible for self-insured retention (SIR) products.
Surety Bonds: Our experienced team partners with local agents to offer bonding services to general contractors, sub-contractors, and specialty contractors. We understand the unique needs of construction companies, such as budgets, schedules, and bid-day deadlines, and have the experience needed in understanding construction accounting, finance, and contract law as it relates to construction contracts and subcontracts to deliver the required bonds. We also provide commercial surety bonds such as License & Permit Bonds, Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds, Lottery Bonds, Mortgage Broker Bonds, and Supply Bonds and Service Contracts.

Product availability, coverages and discounts may vary by state.

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