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Protecting Vacation Homes From Theft and Vandalism

Posted on: May 20, 2015 by Aegis General

Last month, we discussed some of the potential insurance risks that come along with keeping vacation homes safe while their owners are away. We looked at how vacation home owners could reduce their risks by purchasing the right specialty property insurance policy, however it is equally important to help prevent losses altogether. This is especially true when it comes to theft and vandalism, which happen far too often to vacant homes.

The good news is there are safety measures that vacation homeowners can take, which will potentially mitigate the theft and vandalism risks they face. For example, the most apparent solution against thieves is locking all locks, securing access to the property, and installing an alarm system. However these features alone will not always protect the property; a determined thief will get in anyway. So what steps could prevent these risks?

Hiring a Seasonal Caretaker

Finding someone the homeowner can trust, or enlisting in neighbor’s help to watch over the home while the owners are away is an excellent option, and has a person in the house on a regular basis so that it is not standing vacant.

Creating a “Lived In” Environment

This can be done by putting interior lamps, in multiple rooms, on timers so they come on and turn off at various times throughout the evening, creating the illusion that somebody is home. Exterior lights should either be on timers, or have motion sensors, as well.

Leaving Upstairs Drapes/Curtains Open

It’s probably not the best idea to always leave your downstairs drapes open, as people will certainly be able to tell the homeowners aren’t present, but leaving upstairs curtains open could go a long way in giving the illusion that someone is home.

These are just a few of the ways that vacation homeowners could potentially reduce their risk of facing theft or vandalism while they are away. At Aegis General Insurance Agency, we understand the unique risks these clients face, and we specialize in helping property owners protect their assets by providing quality personal insurance solutions for specialty and hard to place markets.

Our Specialty Property Insurance products focus on safeguarding the property and assets of clients typically not served through the standard markets, whether they have past claims history, older properties or other unique exposures. To learn more about our operation and all of our insurance programs, contact us today at (866) 662-5752.


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