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Are Mobile Homes the Answer to the American Dream?

Posted on: May 26, 2015 by Aegis General

As stated by officials from the Manufactured Housing Industry, the need for high quality, affordable housing has never been greater. In today’s economy though, this is often unachievable, especially for baby boomers looking to retire as well as millennials searching for their first home. Home ownership, and the pursuit of the American dream, doesn’t have to be unattainable though.

Today’s manufactured homes are meeting all the typical standards that new homeowners are seeking. While there has been a sort of stigma around the terms “mobile home” or “trailer,” manufactured homes are quite affordable, and are a lot sturdier than most believe. True, before 1972, American mobile homes were not subject to building codes and due to this, the quality could be questionable. However, HUD building codes soon began regulating design and construction, thus creating a significant improvement in quality.

Megan Neff of NextStep, an organization that connects the manufactured home industry with affordable housing groups, points out that manufactured homes can certainly be the answer for working class families that are otherwise priced out of the housing market. The average costs of a traditional single-family home just two years ago was $324,000 but according to the Census Bureau at that same time, the average price for a manufactured home was only $64,000.

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