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Sports Injury Recovery: What Should Coaches Tell Parents?

Posted on: September 3, 2015 by Aegis General

While youth sports injuries are often inevitable, the process of healing in order to return to play can be expedited if the proper steps are followed. In order to reduce Sports Injury Liability risks, coaches should keep parents well informed with the following steps to follow after a sports injury as occurred.

Allow Time to Heal- The injured body part should be allowed plenty of time to rest and heal. If the child wishes to exercise to remain in playing shape, be sure they consult with a physician prior to beginning any sort of regimen. If necessary, ensure the child seeks adequate physical therapy, as well. Avoiding stress on the injured area is critical to the healing process.

Restore Full Range of Motion– Practicing exercises recommended by a physical therapist is crucial to regaining full range of motion. This will ensure the child moves on the next phase of the recovery. As a general rule, if there is any limited range of motion, the child should not return to the sport yet, according to Mom’s Team.

Restoring Gait- In other words, if the child is walking and jogging normally, this means they are probably ready to return to the sport. Limping is a critical sign of not being ready to move forward with the playing process.

Regain Muscle Strength & Endurance- Rebuilding muscle strength after an injury is a critical part of healing. Weight training exercises with repetitive sets can build this strength gradually. Next, endurance needs to be promoted. Typically, young adults and children gain endurance rapidly. However, they should not return to their sport until endurance has been restored by doing activities such as swimming, running in water, or rowing. 30 minute intervals, three times a week is sufficient time to practice.

Regain Confidence- An injury can lead to a psychological loss if the child is out of the sport for an extended period of time. However, if the child returns before he or she is physically and emotionally ready, they are at risk for re-injury, depression, or decreased performance, as reported by Mom’s Team.

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