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Resolving Contractor Disputes

Posted on: May 5, 2016 by Aegis General

Home renovations are a reality for many homeowners. From simple fixes to complete overhauls, the typical wear and tear on a home creates plenty of opportunity for improvement. As many people aren’t prepared to go it alone, they often enlist the help of professional contractors. However, despite a homeowner’s best efforts of researching and finding a quality contractor, the contractor performed a faulty job. So, what happens next? In addition to securing the home with a comprehensive Homeowners Insurance Policy to secure what is likely the biggest investment, follow these tips for recovering lost money and finishing incomplete projects.

Although this scenario is far from ideal, homeowners are not helpless if their contractor left incomplete work or did an unsatisfactory job. First and foremost, always keep track of the payments given to the contractor. This can be informal such as unofficial documents as proof, as well.

Next, homeowners need to address their concerns with their contractor by writing a formal letter and giving them a set due date to respond. Otherwise, let them know that legal action will be taken if they are not compliant. If this is unsuccessful, Kiplinger recommends find out where the contractor is licensed (check with state, county or city agencies), and submit a complaint to the appropriate office; many agencies will step in to investigate and mediate a dispute, and some state agencies have funds to reimburse consumers who are left high and dry.

Most contractors are covered under the umbrella of a licensing board. However, if they aren’t, homeowners may have to result to settling the case in court. Any project that is equal or less than $15,000 can be settled in small claims court. If the project was larger, consider hiring an attorney for help settling the claim.

While these circumstances are stressful, it’s important for homeowners to educate themselves on how to manage such scenarios in order to reduce their losses.

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