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Preventing the Most Common Sports Injuries

Posted on: December 1, 2015 by Aegis General

Preventing the Most Common Sports InjuriesPlaying sports requires plenty of strenuous activity and training. While most athletes are constantly conditioning themselves to ensure top quality performance, injuries are still bound to happen. In order protect against these incidents, your clients should be equipped with a Blanket Accident Insurance Program. In addition, relay these recommendations to coaches in order to prevent sporting injuries.

The most common types of injuries include sprains and strains. According to WebMD, sprains are injuries to ligaments, the tough bands connecting bones in a joint; and strains are injuries to muscle fibers or tendons, which anchor muscles to bones. Overworking these muscles without proper training can cause discomfort, inflammation, and pain. What’s more, over-stretching muscles can lead to tears in muscle fibers.

The first tip to preventing injuries is to always warm up. “Getting warmed up increases blood flow to the muscles, gets you more flexible, and could decrease injuries,” states Margot Putukian, MD, and director of athletic medicine at Princeton University.

In addition, if one has not participated in sports for an extended period of time, experts recommend easing back into it. Pre-participation training is ideal in reducing injuries from overuse. This can mean short hikes or workouts prior to the main event to lightly work the relevant muscle groups.

Another tip comes from Dr. William Roberts, a sports medicine physician at the University of Minnesota. He states, “Stop when you are fatigued. Muscle fatigue takes away all your protective mechanisms and really increases your risk of all injuries.”

Simple techniques such as stretching and training can reduce the frequency and severity of sports injuries. At Aegis General Insurance Agency, we offer specialty blanket accident insurance for a variety of venues, athletic teams, and their participants. For more information about this coverage and the eligible sports included, contact our experts today at (866) 662-5752.

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