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Manufactured Homes: Dispelling Myths

Posted on: February 16, 2016 by Aegis General

Manufactured homes are a less expensive alternative to traditional homes. The ability for customization and their affordability are causing these homes to become increasingly popular throughout the U.S. However, there are still some misunderstandings about these structures. Let us take a closer look at the realities and benefits of manufactured homes. In addition, like every home, ensure your clients protect their investment with a comprehensive Manufactured Home Insurance package.

Visually Appealing

Today’s manufactured homes are comparable to any traditional site-built home. These homes are manufactured with the same materials as conventional homes. Further, these homes can be tailored to meet almost any style and size options the owner wants.

Unlimited Customization

Manufactured homes can be tailored down to the fixtures and lighting used. Gone are the days of factory produced, simplistic manufactured homes. Instead, function and aesthetics can come together to create a unique manufactured home to your clients’ liking.

Easy to Finance

In the past, manufactured homes were not often permanently placed in one location. Their ability to move sites was one of the bases of their appeal. In turn, banks did not finance them as real estate, which caused owners to pay in cash or through personal property loans. However, since modern manufactured homes are not typically outfitted for moving, these structures can be easily financed through a traditional home loan. Modular Homeowners states that once construction has been completed, the bank will inspect and appraise the house; if everything is satisfactory, the loan will become a permanent mortgage and the owner will start making payments against both interest and principal.

No Major Safety Concerns

In reality, these homes are built to a strict code just like any other home. HUD sets standards for the construction and the safety of these homes.

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