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Creaks and Gurgles: Identifying Home Issues

Posted on: October 30, 2015 by Aegis General

Creaks and Gurgles Identifying Home IssuesAs most homeowners have experienced, homes tend to settle and creak over time. While some of these sounds are unavoidable, others might indicate something more ominous is occurring within the home. While this season is infamous for spooky surprises, homeowners should listen to the sounds their property makes in order to pinpoint and resolve the issue.  In the event the home, regardless of age and condition, needs repair or suffers damage as a result of these common issues, a Homeowners Insurance Program can help reduce financial responsibility.

Toilet Gurgling- This issue could be one of two things. First, Lev Moskovich of SERVIZ states that the gurgling could indicate a worn out fill valve, which is the part of the toilet that controls refilling the tank after each flush; or it would mean that tree roots have grown into the sewer pipes and trapped something that was flushed down. In turn, the sewer lines essentially become a time bomb to burst, which is clearly a serious concern.

Silence the Issue- If a new valve, which can be purchased at a home improvement store, doesn’t solve the issue, contact a plumber immediately.

Pops and Clicks in Radiator- Metal that is forcibly expanded causes groans and popping sounds. James Walker, vice president of Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning, states that this happens because some loop systems that circulate hot water get air bubbles in them and need to be “bled” just like car brakes do.

Silence the Issue- This can be solved two ways. First, decorative boxes can be made or purchased to reduce the noise that radiators emit. However, keep in mind that this may reduce the amount of heat they give off. Second, a radiator key or flathead screwdriver can be used to loosen the valve to release the water and trapped air.

Knocking or Banging on Walls- While this may frighten house guests, it is typically caused from something harmless. If the sound occurs when the faucets are used, it might indicate something called an air pressure hammer. J.B. Sassano, president of Mr. Handyman, describes this as being caused when air pressure builds up in the water pipes, causing them to vibrate when the pressure is released.

Silence the Noise- A water hammer arrester is a quick fix. However, if the culprit pipes are located inside the walls, contact a professional to inspect and diagnose the problem.

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