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Towing Safety Tips for Travel Trailers

Posted on: October 1, 2015 by Aegis General

  • Tips for safe traveling and towing of traveling trailers.

Learning to drive with a trailer in tow can be a difficult venture. While getting the bearings might be time consuming and require ample practice, proper handling and safety should be a driver’s first priority. In addition to obtaining a comprehensive Travel Trailer Insurance Policy , drivers should take these safety tips into considerations before planning their next outing.

Hitching the Trailer- Before attempting to hitch a trailer to another vehicle, ensure the hitch is capable of supporting the weight of the trailer. If the weight of the trailer exceeds the hitch limit, spring for a more heavy duty hitch. Next, raise the trailer to be firmly situated on its jack, reverse the towing vehicle slowly so that the hitch aligns with the coupler. Then, place the towing vehicle in park and apply the emergency brake for added safety measure. Lastly, lower the traveling trailer onto the hitch ball. Ensure they are both locked together and attach any safety chains with extra slack to allow turns.

Braking- As traveling trailers inherently add more weight to the load, braking and coming to a complete stop will take longer. What’s more, carrying more weight causes more momentum to be created while traveling. As such, drivers should allow extra time and space to slow down.

Even Weight Distribution- The more even the weight of the trailer, the more control the driver will maintain. The trailer should be loaded evenly to avoid shifting the weight from front to back or side to side during travel, which can be dangerous.

Parking- Experts recommend having a spotter assist in parking the travel trailer. It’s always smart to have someone stand outside and guide the driver as they park, especially if they are unsure of the dimensions of the rig, according to How Stuff Works.

Turning- Drivers should allow extra room and slack for turning as the wheels on their rig will naturally turn much harder than those of the towing vehicle. This is a critical tactic to practice prior to taking the trailer out on the open road.

These are a just a few tips on how to safely enjoy and travel with a travel trailer. At Aegis General Insurance Agency, we have a deep understanding of the potential safety risks involved with these trailers, which is why we offer our Trailblazer Program to provide protection for its parts, equipment, and personal items within the rig. For more information on our products and services, contact our experts today at (866) 662-5752.

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