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Securing Manufactured Home Insurance

Posted on: January 9, 2015 by Aegis General

Securing Manufactured Home Insurance  Securing Manufactured Homes Insurance

Living in a traditional house with multiple stories and a picket fence is not everyone’s American dream. In fact, millions of Americans reside in non-traditional and alternative housing. For many, manufactured homes and mobile homes are a great alternative to the confines of traditional static housing options. Just like traditional homeowners, manufactured and mobile home owners need help managing their risk and loss exposures, however these non-traditional homes often create a challenge for insurers and agents.

Manufactured home insurance policies operate much like a standard home where the cost of coverage depends on the state where the home is registered, the amount and type of coverage and the value of the property. However it is not always easy to come by.

To some insurers, the mobility and durability of non-traditional homes makes these homes not only harder to write for but more of a loss exposure to the insurer than brick-and-mortar houses. Mobile homes, for example, typically aren’t anchored to a foundation in the same way traditional houses are which makes them more susceptible to natural events, especially wind and storms. Manufactured and mobile homes are made in a factory under federal building codes overseen by the non-fixed structures, which also contributes to making their needs for insurance coverage different from other homes. As a result many traditional insurers shy away from assuming the extra risks of insuring manufactured and mobile home structures.

However, specialty some insurers specialize specifically in providing coverage to unique, hard to insurance and specialty markets such as the manufactured and mobile homes. Aegis General Insurance Agency, for example, is one of the leading independent insurance providers in all 50 states that specializes in writing habitation and other specialty risks. For nearly 40 years Aegis General has been working with agents to provide quality products, superior claims service and risk management guidance at affordable rates.

We invite you to learn more about our insurance programs and becoming a producer with Aegis General. We can help you expand your footprint in the specialty market segments we serve. Contact us at (866) 662-5752 or submit the Contact Us form at the top of this page.

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